Connect with your teenager

A guide for everyday parenting

This is a book for all parents. It serves as a complete guide for long-term positive parenting of teenagers or even younger children. It is written for parents as users in everyday situations from the perspective of their teenagers’ needs. In the book, you will find very practical parenting tips for when you don’t know how to deal with teenagers, how to make kids listen, how to motivate teens, how to renew broken bonds etc.

You will learn about your part of responsibility in your relationship, and how to gain parental power. The second part guides you through typical everyday examples, and simple innovative parental tips on how to keep the connection with your teenager and create responses so that you can support the safe and healthy development of your child. It can serve as your personalized parenting book with your own important notes. We wrote the book thinking about, and remembering, all the people we had met at our consultations, who had struggled with how to deal with problems with their teens.

Connect with Your Teenager is for everyone who, at a certain point in their life, felt like:

  • they aren’t equipped with appropriate experience;
  • they grew up in different times or cultural situations and aren’t sure how to adjust (most of us did);
  • they stopped participating actively and thoughtfully in parenting, because they were excluded from, or encountered, disagreements in their partnership;
  • giving up because of feeling powerless;
  • they have no support from their partner;
  • they don’t know what to do, because they had already used up all their ideas.

However, this book can also be useful for:

  • single parents;
  •  teachers who haven’t necessarily had experience with their own teens;
  • parents of younger children (who will soon enough become teens), helping prepare us in advance.

Connect with Your Tenager will give you the willpower and a reason to begin tackling your “problems,” as well as the power to be patient. Our teens are always smart. Don’t forget that, in this period, they are the only smart beings in the house—at least that’s what they think. They have answers to everything, and lots of words, power and energy. Parents usually fall silent, powerless, because we struggle to find the right words in the heat of the moment.

When writing this book, we were guided by the principle that parents should be able to use this book in practice.
The book may be used in several ways:

  1.  You can start at the beginning, and follow the step-by-step path to self growth.
  2. It is divided into sections, so you can easily find and resolve the problem at hand.

Our focus in the book is on the awareness of your role as parents. When thinking about changes, they should be oriented towards the notion of how we could change ourselves as parents, not how we stay the same and force our children to change.

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Leonida & Albert Mrgole

Leonida and Albert are an established and well-known psychotherapist team from Slovenia, Europe, who have been working together for more than 15 years.

Leonida is a trained reflex therapist, and learned about psychology and parenting techniques “in the field.” Albert, on the other hand, has a Ph.D. in sociology, and studied psychology, doing field work with marginal youth in a residential care institution. He developed a program for rescuing school dropouts, which received the European Innovation Award. He has been a practicing psychotherapist since 2003. Albert initially trained in the systemic family therapy, while he and Leonida continued their studies with imago clinical therapy techniques, and began working as co-therapists. Since 2013, they have been training in emotionally-focused therapy (Susan Johnson’s approach) and organizing training seminars and workshops for groups, as well as assisting individuals and families.

They have been running workshops for parents and partners. Having to raise four children, they came up with methods significantly different from others as their perception of a home environment did not quite fit in with others. With help from our background, we, as therapists, came up with solutions to complicated situations in a more elegant, simplified and effective manner. In the book, we gathered practical experiences as real-life case studies for parents, each case study illustrates one of the points from our workshops—practical information that is easy for anyone to relate to and apply at home.

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