Connect with your teenager

A guide to everyday parenting

Can you recall the moment when you first held your child? How he smelled, the curiosity in his eyes, how he looked? And he grew into this beautiful little person. And you felt very connected.

But then something changed. The connection started to fade away, and the need for your presence seemed to disappear. And now you feel lost.

There are a lot of books and courses on parenting young children, but when it comes to teenagers, good and practical material is hard to find.

Teens’ emotions are very strong, and they act like they don’t need you anymore. But in reality, you need to be more present than ever. But how can you be there for them? How can you keep your connection? How can you stay calm with all their “weird” and “crazy” ideas and styles?

What if we told you that parenting your teenager can be fun and easy?

Imagine a roadmap that takes your relationship with your teenager to a beautiful and connected place. You can reach your goals, and our mission is to help you achieve that.

Connect with Your Teenager is a very practical and easy-to-use guide for parents of teens to help you regain your parental power.

You are probably asking yourself questions like

⤿   Why does my child disagree with me and not listen to me?

⤿   Why can’t I achieve anything with my child anymore?

⤿   Can’t my child do one thing without arguing?

⤿   Why is it that the more I provide for them, the less they respect me?

⤿   Why is the same pattern repeating over and over again?

⤿   Why do I feel so powerless in parenting?

⤿   Why are the things that worked for so long not working anymore?

You will get the answers to all these questions and more in this book, but for now, let’s think a bit differently.

What if you ask yourself different questions?

⤿   What is the essence of our parental power?

⤿   How can we act in a way that preserves our connection with our child?

⤿   How can we re-establish our lost connection?

⤿   How can we overcome the parenting patterns that stand in the way of us making a connection?

⤿   What does it mean to truly understand?

⤿   What are our child’s developmental needs, and what is a healthy response to them?

⤿   What does it mean to learn how to be responsible and independent?

A lot can change by simply phrasing your questions a bit differently.

What you will learn from reading this book is how to talk to your teenager so he will listen and respond by just slightly changing the things you say.

Connect with Your Teenager will give you the reason and willpower to begin tackling your “problems,” as well as the power to be patient.

Teens have always been smart, and in this day and age, they are the only smart beings in the house—at least, that’s what they think! They have an answer for everything and lots of words and energy. We, as parents, often fall silent and feel powerless because we struggle to find the right words in the heat of the moment.

Do you want to equip yourself with tactics to make parenting your teenager easier and more fun?

You will learn:

✔   How to talk to teens so they will listen

✔   How to listen so teens will connect with you

✔   How to turn arguments into conversations

✔   How to reach teens when they are “running away”

✔   How to achieve highly productive conversations with your teen

✔   How to react when teens make a mistake

✔   How to stay calm in hard situations